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  • Scott Henderson

    My wife and I stopped in on Friday August 5th and had a wonderful shopping experience and a great chat with John. The poor guy was getting ready to close up early in mid-afternoon because his air conditioner had conked out. He stayed open for us and I’m glad he did. I was able to pick up a couple of items for my daughter who collects Transformers and He-Man figures. I was also able to pick up something for my Micronauts collections. I was quite surprised to see that they had Micronauts because I’ve never run into any in a collectibles shop. When you compare the Treehouse prices to what you would have to pay on Ebay and then shipping and sometimes import fees, then you are getting a really good bargain at Treehouse and supporting a small business owner. Believe me, there’s nothing like being able to purchase something and walk out with it in your hand and not have to wait for something to arrive in the mail from a U.S. market. I definitely will be back!!

  • David Dodaro

    Went to Treehouse Collectibles to pick up a kijiji purchase, so glad I did. Rare to find an actual vintage collectibles store, brick and mortar, anywhere in the city or GTA…also, one with an Owner as genuine as Jon. He has lots collectibles spanning various decades and really nice to chat with. Hoping to go again sometime soon. Thanks again Jon!!